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my vegan junk food top ten

May 20, 2013

Redwood Pepperjack Cheezly Bites

This is a piggy-wiggy post.  I love eating healthily as much as the next vegan but sometimes, often towards the end of a long working week, I find I’m hanging out for a fix of something dirty.  I want salt, fat and an MSG-enhanced taste experience, dipped in vegan mayo and washed down with Coke.

There is a place in my world for junk food. Not every day, of course: but is it just me or does a vegan diet seem to give you a bit more wiggle-room to enjoy the occasional trashy treat?   I seem to be able to put away more crisps and chips these days, while still fitting into my skinny jeans, than I used to when there were animal products in my diet.

I haven’t seen many recommendations for UK-based vegan junk on the internet so I thought I would draw up my own personal list.  It wasn’t an easy task – I ended up having to discard some long-held favourites (Swedish Glace ice cream…!) but what’s left is a collection of truly delicious dirty foods to be enjoyed sparingly but without guilt of any kind.

1 Redwood Pepperjack Cheezly Bites
My personal number-one all-time fave.  I hardly ever find these in the shops, which is probably a good thing, otherwise I’d be the size of a planet.  I could never be rational about cheese fried in breadcrumbs.  This vegan version tastes exceptionally convincing, with a nice bit of chilli heat too.  I love them so much…  <sob>

linda mccartney country pies

2 Linda McCartney Country Pies
An old favourite.  Just the thing with cabbage and mash

3 Co-op jam doughnuts
The day I heard Co-op doughnuts were animal-free was the day I knew I would be a happy vegan for the rest of my life.  Some say the custard ones are vegan too, although I saw a recent Co-op vegan foods list that didn’t include them.  Stay safe, stay jammy, I say

Tofutti slices

4 Tofutti slices
More of a junk food accessory, really.  Lay them on top of your favourite veggie burger (or tofu fritter) for the full fast-food experience

Antony Worrall Thompson hazelnut and cocoa spread

5 Antony Worrall Thompson Hazelnut and Cocoa Spread
Vegan Nutella.  Enough said

6 Veg.out Porkless Pie
You can get these in Holland and Barrett: a savoury lump of wheat gluten in cold-water pastry.  I find them oddly satisfying

Redwood hot dogs

7 Redwood hot dogs
The kids can’t tell the difference between these and meaty versions.  They go brilliantly with all things lentilly, like this for example, as well as in a bun with onions and mustard, of course

8 Bourbon biscuits
I have developed a bit of an obsession with these lately.  Make sure you check the label as some have milk added.  Dunked in hot tea, there’s nothing quite like them.  Also make a gorgeous crust for pies or cheesecakes, like this one here

Sainsbury's Basics chicken noodles

9 Sainsbury’s Basics Chicken Noodles
I have raved about these before.  You can use them to make the most amazing chickenless noodle soup.  Scandalously, Sainsbury’s have just raised the price of them – to 15p a packet

Jus-Rol garlic pizza bread

10 Jus-Rol garlic pizza bread
Did someone suggest that we vegans should make our own garlic bread?  It’s a fine idea in theory but let’s face it, on wet Wednesday evenings it’s not very likely to happen.  I have often wished it were easier to find vegan ready-made garlic bread.  Luckily Jus-Rol have lately come to my rescue.  Good alongside quick weeknight soups like this one.

What are your favourite vegan junk foods?  Do tell!


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  1. I have difficulty with the list. Just wondering. what is the point of eating vegan, to then hurt your own body with junk food? This is not meant to attack. Even though I haven’t eaten any meat in months, I consider myself a flexitarian. But, I am strict about GMO food, and I find that I cannot buy the junk food on the list. I fear GMO more than pork chops! This is the first time I realized that. Interesting. I guess, I will just have to continue my search for ready-to-eat GMO free vegan snacks. 🙂

    • Hello thesevenminds :). I guess I’d say it depends on what your reasons are for being vegan. If it’s primarily for health reasons then obviously you would have zero interest in eating any of this stuff! 😀 From my point of view, my reasons are probably 80 per cent ethical and 20 per cent health, so I like the occasional bit of so-called ‘unhealthy’ food alongside my largely very healthy diet.

      We have stricter GMO policies in the UK (although not GMO free and GM is sneaking in especially for meat eaters) but I know that some of these products are certified GMO free – Redwoods for example specify no GM in their products.

      Also remember that vegan ‘junk’ is not in the same order as the crud that goes into mainstream omni junk food! There is much less cholesterol, hormones etc in this stuff. So don’t beat yourself up about the occasional vegan hot dog 😉

      • Lol. It was indeed the hot dog that made me stop in my tracks. But, if some of the stuff is GMO free, then I will take another look! It would make a nice reblog too. Thanks for your reply! 🙂

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